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Does online speech therapy work?

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Speech therapy online is fun. Teletherapy available in Florida, New Mexico, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Oregon, Kansas, Arizona, Utah, Pennsylvania, Idaho, and Washington

Though traditional speech therapy has been delivered in person, with therapists and children meeting face-to-face in a clinical setting, the rise of teletherapy has changed to offer a convenient means for parents and a fun activity for kids. Here are a few reasons why teletherapy can be beneficial via video conferencing platforms for speech therapy:

Comfort and Familiarity

One of the significant advantages of teletherapy is the comfort and familiarity it provides for children. Children may feel more comfortable and relaxed in their home environment than in a clinical setting. This can lead to more productive and successful therapy sessions. Additionally, children may be more familiar with technology and feel more engaged in therapy sessions that involve the use of technology.

Parental Involvement

Teletherapy allows parents to be more involved in their child's speech therapy sessions. With in-person therapy, parents may not always be able to attend therapy sessions due to scheduling conflicts or transportation issues. With teletherapy, parents can participate in therapy sessions from home, making it easier to be involved in their child's therapy progress. Parents can also be more involved in the practice of therapy skills outside of therapy sessions, which can lead to better carryover and faster progress.


Teletherapy is a convenient option for busy families. With teletherapy, children can receive speech therapy from the comfort of their own home, eliminating the need to travel to a clinic. This can save families time and money, as well as reducing the stress of commuting to therapy sessions. If traveling, you can still receive therapy online! Rescheduling sessions is much easier with online speech therapy.

Fun and Engaging

Teletherapy offers the use of interactive online tools and games that can make therapy sessions more fun, interactive, and engaging for children. If your child enjoys watching shows, music, or playing games on any screen (like most children in this day and age), they will benefit from teletherapy. Unlike virtual school, a telehealth session can be quickly adapted if your child shows disinterest or needs something extra (more time, visuals, etc.). Therapists can incorporate games and activities into therapy sessions that children may not have access to in a clinical setting. Children already spend so much time learning and interacting through a screen! This helps keep children motivated and engaged in therapy, leading to more successful outcomes.

In conclusion, teletherapy for speech therapy can be more beneficial than in-person therapy for children due to the comfort and familiarity it provides, parental involvement, convenience, and the use of fun and engaging online tools. If your child is struggling with speech and language difficulties, consider exploring the option of teletherapy for speech therapy services.


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